ICG BUSINESS GROUP brings together the steady, successful work of three leading companies in such significant fields as auditing, law and property sale.

We are a proactive company operating on the international level, with more than 200 professionals at your service, aiming to provide personalized advice on purchase and sale transactions, corporate finance and financial and property investment.

Playing a key role in diverse market industries makes it possible for us to undertake any financial transaction, and to provide our clients with investment and alternative businesses, as well as to offer them guidance throughout any business-related activity.

Seeing as many companies are going through a difficult time, we at ICG BUSINESS GROUP come up with the best solutions, putting an emphasis on quality and service in every undertaken transaction.






Since any company is made up of a team of people, communication is a key value. In order to provide a good service and find the best solutions, first we must be aware of our clients’ needs.

The art of corporate finance is in constant search of creativity and innovative ideas aiming to develop value-added projects for your company.

We are passionate about our work. Our vocation for service makes us stay committed to our clients, whom we treat as individuals, offering them our support throughout any action they take, whether good or bad.

We strongly believe that working with honesty and ethics is the best way to achieve our client’s goals, and to establish and have long-term business relationships with them.









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Disponemos de locales comerciales a la venta con inquilinos de primer nivel, ofreciendo unas rentabilidades entorno al 8%...more


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